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Warehouse Shelves from Above

International Sourcing & Supply

Wholesale Medicines

Through years of building strong collaborations with a global network of suppliers, MedFind is equipped to address these pressing issues in the sourcing and supply of medicines for our partners.

Why Us?

MedFind is committed to making a difference in patient access to effective medicines and niche therapies. Our CEO, Matthew Farrelly, emphasizes that patient needs are at the forefront of everything we do. We have built a highly experienced team capable of adapting swiftly to the ever-changing patient requirements, making MedFind truly unique in the industry.

Our success is built on trustworthy and long-lasting relationships cultivated over numerous years. We work closely with a diverse range of customers across our product portfolios, and our wholesale distribution license allows us to serve partners across various geographies, from Oman to Saudi Arabia, providing access to both
unlicensed and licensed medicines.


Working together to deliver the right
medication, at the right time, to patients worldwide.

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