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"Getting the right medications to the patients who need it most is at the core of everything we do"

In MedFind’s home markets of Ireland and the UK, they supply licensed and unlicensed medicines direct to hospitals and retail pharmacies. In tandem with this, they have built an expanded network of wholesale partners across the world, giving them global access into key markets.

The combination of a high-quality service level, a diverse and strong portfolio and

competitive pricing adds significant value to MedFind’s customer base according to CEO,

Matthew Farrelly.

“Getting the right medications to the patients who need it most is at the core of everything

we do in MedFind,” explains Matthew, CEO & Founder of MedFind Solutions. “We’ve built

an incredibly experienced team who have a wealth of knowledge behind them but we have

also kept the business agile enough that we can adapt swiftly to the ever-changing patient

requirements. That is what makes MedFind truly unique, we believe in closing the gap in

patient access for effective medicines and niche therapies.”

The MedFind Solutions service offering is built on the trustworthy and long-lasting

relationships they have cultivated over numerous years and according to their CEO, this is

what makes the company successful.

“For everyone in MedFind, the ultimate benefit of everything we do, goes to the patient so

their needs are always front of mind. We committed to the efficient, timely and safe delivery of

medications to our customers, no matter where they are in the world.”

MedFind Solutions work with a wide range of customers across their product portfolios and their wholesale distribution license means they are full qualified to deal with partners across geographies from Oman to Saudi Arabia, providing access to both unlicensed and licensed medicines.

Partnering and building established relationships with companies who share MedFind’s

ethics, sense of integrity and commitment to patient centric care is key to their value

proposition. This also facilitates their place in the market as a leader in the sourcing and

supply of specialist and niche unlicensed medicines, orphan drugs and other difficult to

source medications.

The key to MedFind’s success is their size allows them to be agile and adapt to the ever

growing and evolving market needs. “It lets us be efficient, flexible and meet the demand

quicker than larger companies,” said Matthew Farrelly, “by the time the bigger companies

adapt and react, we have the company supplied and the needs of the patients have been


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